About Us

Our Vision



To be a place where the hurting, the depressed, the frustrated, the bound and the confused can find a new life in Christ Jesus. To be a place where they can find love, acceptance, help, hope, forgiveness, guidance, direction and encouragement.

To share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the many people we expect to see God send through our doors, to welcome them into the fellowship of our church family where we can love, learn, laugh and live together in harmony.

To lead people to spiritual maturity in Christ through Bible studies, small group meetings (ministries for men and women), Jr. Church and special youth services, classes and activities.

To equip every believer for the work of the ministry, by encouraging them and helping them discover, develop and excel in the particular gifts and talent God as given them.

To develop outreach ministries through which we can reach and help the people of our community and the surrounding communities.

Our Ministries

To Serve You



Every Wednesday @ 6:30 PM

Bible Study is currently being held on-line via Zoom.


Our women’s group (WOW-Women Of the Word) has monthly meetings or get-togethers. This is a time of fellowship, encouragement, sharing, learning and bonding. All women are welcome.


Our men’s group (Men of Integrity) meet monthly. This is a time of fellowship, encouragement and support. All men are encouraged to attend..


Our youth group (Blue Print Ministries) meets monthly in Woodland. Various outings, activities, and out-reach ministries are held throughout the year. These get-togethers are designed to encourage and strengthen their love for God and for each other. BPM caters to ages 13-16 and can be adjusted at the leader’s discretion.


Tiny Tots and Jr Church meet at the Annex during the preaching portion of Sunday morning service. We have dedicated teachers who volunteer their time to work with our children. The classes are divided into several age groups so that they can be taught according to their learning ability.


Our dedicated team members meet together regularly for prayer and practice. This equips them  to usher us into the presence of the Lord during our worship service.